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A world in transition demands a continuous look at our own evolution.

That's why we're updating our visual identity, so our brand reflects everything we offer as a company.

Emphasizing the customer experience as the focal point of our operations, we bring a more comprehensive portfolio, offering customized and specific products for every stage of risk management journey.

We don't just do hedge operations. We share knowledge, provide the right information at the right time, and dedicate ourselves to deeply understanding our clients' needs.

We work to develop an increasingly digital experience without losing the trust and partnership relationships of everyday life. All to enable more autonomy and confidence in decision-making when it comes to protection against volatility.

We are Hedgepoint Global Markets. A global company capable of connecting markets and opportunities, always based on the solid foundation provided by our South American agricultural roots

Building the future starts now, which is why we're always ready to help our clients and partners navigate the complexity of the commodities market, turning risks into opportunities.

What changes in our visual identity


Our History

With over 10 years of experience in risk management for agricultural and energy commodity chains, we emerged as an independent company in 2021 after a spin-off process.

It was in that same year that our name was born, positioning the company as the true "point of hedge." A company that offers its clients the convenience of finding everything they need to protect against volatility in one place. With the confidence and closeness of those who know agriculture and energy sectors, and master the use of custom and sophisticated hedging products in global markets.

Since 2021, we've grown, expanded our presence around the globe, and broadened our range of risk management products, incorporating technology and an increasingly digital experience. And now, we're proud to reflect all of this in our brand and visual identity. Count on the same efficiency, quality, and excellence of Hedgepoint Global Markets and come evolve with us.